Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school

When school opens is a happy and a sad time for me. My kids are going to be away from me but I know they have to learn. My little one is going to be in 1st grade and my son is going to be in 5th grade, wow time sure goes by fast. They will be in school for longer hours but I know there will still not be enough time in a day. My son is already for school which makes me feel great. Or he maybe sick of seeing me all the time, hahaha. I am so proud of their progress.

Having them going to school has made them more independent. Which will help them progress in life's ups and downs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Small world

How small has the world has become. I am a South African married to a man from India and living in USA. Small right but it has become even smaller with all the social networking sites. I have met people I would never come across in my daily like. Some for a couple of years and knowing some one out there with similar every day challenges , I know I am not alone. Just a pick me up when I am down and also to share my joys.

I am happy to get all the feed back of ideas on how to work with my kids and also give mine so it may help someone else. The internet has changed the world as we know it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Good times

Good things happen during bad time. Yes it is true, my husband is out of work for couple months now and the children have gotten more close to him. My daughter is a daddy's girl but my son is a mommy's boy and with his dad been home was a bit difficult for him. From me been there to his dad, it was out of his routine. My son has autism and does not do well in change but as time went on he looks to him for help. The best part was he choose his dad over me for certain things, which made me sad and happy at the same time. To be honest it is kind of a break for me. It is so good to see them get even closer and I know they would not change.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Letting go

I always thought going to the county fair would be a challenge with my son. As long as someone sitting next to him he would be fine and that would be the only way he would sit trough the ride, I was scared of him trying to get off the rides while in mid motion. His dad went with him on the first ride , all went well. One the second he dad let him go alone, to honest I was not happy at all. But I bit my tongue and just prayed everything would be fine. I could not wait for the ride to be over, and it was. I was over joyed and at the same time felt not needed. But as I watched him ride more rides on his own, I noticed something he looked so proud. It was good seeing that look on his face. I know I have to let him spread his wings and become more brave and independent. One thing for sure he might need me less. I always let him know we will always be there for him whenever he needs us.

Cheese over candy

Taking my daughter grocery shopping is not so fun, with all the candy, soda all right at the check out. She would cry for for her candy which I hate buying. But this trip to the store was so funny. We had done shopping and was paying. Then all of a sudden she started to scream and cry, I thought oh no the candy, yeah I gave in and gave it to her. But she said no and I could not figure why she was crying . She pointed to the bags in the cart, so I carried her over and looked in the bags yo see what she wanted. I could not believe she was crying for her string cheese. Yes string cheese I could not believe it. But at the same time I was so proud she wanted her cheese compared to candy. It is good to see that she looks up to her brother, he had gotten her started with cheese. I feel so proud to see they are learning from each other. Now I just hope they only learn the good habits. I know wishful thinking but I can hope.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mother Natures Wonders

Wow, I have to say summer has the most beautiful sunsets. Who needs to pay money to see what beauty Mother Nature has to offer. I just stood there taking the sunset, watching as the sun disappears . 'Mommy' was the word that brought me back to earth. I called to my son to see the sunset and did not want to . How ironic it is because of him I started to enjoy the simple things in life. Taking note of all that we seem to forget in our busy lives. With both my children I begin to see life in a whole new way.